Ia Khuol 1

Ia Khuol 1 Farm

In the early of August 2017, we have started the new project in Gia Lai named Ia Khuol 1 Farm with agroforestry model.

The land has formed a natural ecosystem with a wide variety of forest classes: on the top are tall perennial trees, below which are shrubs  that maintain an essential moisture in the topsoil for plants to grow well during the dry season.

We have planed to develop a sustainable organic agro-ecosystem with components such as perennial crops, plants for experimenting and biodiversity, and local animals and poultry.


Ia Khuol 1 Farm is located in Phu Hoa Town, Chu Pah District, Gia Lai Province.


Surface: 16.8 ha
Terrain: 800 – 900m high above sea level, relatively flat terrain.
Soil: The area used to be a forest before being exploited as agriland then was  abandoned for more than 3 years, no chemical fertilizers and pesticides used since then.
Water: Rain water, drill water.
Climate: Highland tropical monsoon climate, the average temperature is 26.7° C; Annual rainfall is 1,800-2,000mm.


Perennial crop includes King Orange, Pink Pomelo, Black Pepper; some tropical fruits like Mango, Jackfruit, Mangosteen.

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