Dak Pne 1 Farm

Dak Pne 1 Farm

Dak Pne 1 Farm (DPE1) is our starting point in the journey of building the organic farms of BIOPHAP.

We set our first foot on the land of Dak Pne, Kon Ray, Kon Tum in 2015, met the Bahnar ethnic farmers and convinced them to work on their own land. We introduced the local ethnic minority to organic farming techniques and showed sustainable self-sufficiency of food to them.

Together with the Bahnar  we have been contributing to environmental protection and fighting against global climate change.

Our social project “Grow organic with Bahnar farmers” won the 1st prize in the competition “100 projects against climate change”, which was honored by the French Ministry of Environment, Energy and the Sea in 2016.


Dak Pne Farm is located in Village 2, Dak Pne Commune, Kon Ray District, Kon Tum Province


Surface: 7 ha
Terrain: 600-700m above sea level, hilly terrain, relatively flat
Soil: no traditional farming with chemical fertilizers and pesticides for more than 3 years, soil is improved by nitrogen fixing plants.
Water: Dak Po Ne stream
Climate: Highland tropical monsoon climate. Average annual temperature: 22-23°C, relatively cool.


The Bahnar ethnic farmers plant perennial citrus fruits intercropping with annual crops like turmeric, ginger and peanut.

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