About us

Biophap is a social agribusiness, pioneer in organic agricultural practices in Vietnam that works alongside major international organic labels. By connecting disadvantaged farmers through small cooperatives and by providing organic farming training programmes, we help local farmers to initiate and develop a sustainable lifestyle on their own land.


Every day, we aim to improve ourselves with  our hearts and minds opened to new knowledge and innovations. We listen attentively to our customers’ needs and deliver the best quality and nutritive products, for a healthier and better life.


We do business with ethnic farmers, making community benefits as important as company profits. Integrity is the cornerstone to build a strong team and establish a long-term and trustful relationship with our customers.


We are an international team with different nationalities, colors, personalities and characters; we respect and cherish our differences, we make it our strength to achieve common goal. Respect is our way to live, work and treat the Mother Earth, for us and the next generations to come.


We commit that with our open data system, everyone will have access not only to the origin of our products but also to our operational farming and processing methods. The  open data system is also the bridge to bring the local farmers closer to a sustainable social agriculture.

Our Products
Our fresh organic products just for you

Organic Seedless Lime

With delicious agrume, it is like a cross...

Organic King Mandarin

As one of citrus fruit, King Mandarin may...

Organic Cara Cara Orange

Just like other citrus fruits, this unique variety...

Organic ‘Da Xanh’ Pomelo (1kg)

As a famous specialty fruit in south of...


Organic Fresh Herbal Steam Bath

Organic herbal steam bath helps clean the respiratory...

Organic herbal steam bath

  Benefits Anti-bacterial, clean respiratory system and skin...

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