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Dak Pne 2 Farm – BioPhap

Dak Pne 2 Farm

Dak Pne 2 Farm

In March 2016, we started to build a second organic farm called Dak Pne 2 (DPE2) in Kon Ray, Kon Tum.

We aim to build DPE2 farm as a model of agroforestry, respecting and conserving the existing ecosystem.


Dak Pne 2 Farm is located in Village 2, Dak Pne Commune, Kon Ray District, Kon Tum Province


Surface: 14 ha
Terrain: 600-700m above sea level, hilly terrain, relatively flat
Soil: no traditional farming with chemical fertilizers and pesticides for more than 3 years, soil is improved by nitrogen fixing plants.
Water: Dak Po Ne stream
Climate: Highland tropical monsoon climate. Average annual temperature: 22-23 °C, relatively cool.


The perennial citrus fruits include Pomelo, Cara Cara Orange, King Mandarin and Seedless Lime which have been intercropped with perennial spices – Black Pepper and seasonal spices – Ginger, Turmeric.

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