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Mang Canh 1 Farm – BioPhap

Mang Canh 1 Farm

Mang Canh 1 Farm

In the past, the land overcame a forest fire in the dry season of 2016, the biodiversity level of the site was severely affected.

We elaborated a plan to restore and develop this place into an organic farm with a diverse ecosystem as well as a research and testing site of temperate varieties such as finger lime, goji berry, jiaogulan, vervain, etc.


Mang Canh 1 Farm is located in Kon Tu Rang Village, Mang Den Commune, Kon Plong District, Kon Tum Province


Surface: 5 ha
Terrain: 1200m above sea level, hilly terrain
Soil: The old land used to be  pine forest for a long time, far away from traditional farming regions.
Water: Ground and ditch water.
Climate: Cool all year round, the average temperature is 20.70°C; annual rainfall is 2,324.9mm.


Perennial plants include King Mandarin, Cara Cara Orange, Da Xanh Pomelo, Seedless Lime and some temperate plants like Raspberry, Strawberry, Vervain, Jiaogulan, etc.

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