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Phu Hoa 1 Farm – BioPhap

Phu Hoa 1 Farm

Phu Hoa 1 Farm

In 2017, we expanded our organic production to Gia Lai Province with two farms in Chu Pah District, the first one is Phu Hoa 1 Farm (PHA1) in April, which marked a big leap for us.

PHA1 Farm has many favorable geographical and natural conditions such as a fertile red basaltic soil and a location near the center of Pleiku city. Taking full advantage of the available potentials, BIOPHAP decided to create an organic farm combined with an eco-resort.

It will give our guests a full immersion with nature, in a green, fresh and relaxed  environment while visiting us at PHA1.


Phu Hoa Town, Chu Pah District, Gia Lai Province.


Surface: 9 ha.
Terrain: 800 – 900m above sea level, relatively flat terrain.
Soil: Red basaltic soil – the unique fertile soil of Central Highland in Vietnam.
Water: Ditch water, drill water.
Climate: Tropical monsoon climate, temperature and humidity are deeply seasonally partitioned and relatively dense.


Main crops include King Mandarin, Da Xanh Pomelo, Black Pepper intercropping with annual plants such as Turmeric, Ginger, Hibiscus, Stevia, etc.

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