What we work for

Miu Uyên Trịnh

“At the age of 20, everyone has a dream and tries to look for a professional orientation after graduation and I’m no different. My first internship and first job at BIOPHAP is some kind of luck. It’s a chance for me to improve myself, to learn and experience new things, especially in organic agriculture. Today, after a year at BIOPHAP, I start finding a way for my career, understanding our responsibility for nature and community. Through my mission at BIOPHAP, I hope to increase awareness on environment and sustainable development in our hometown.”

Kyle Binh Tran

“Organic Agriculture has always been my passion since I was a young student.
My device is “Safe and clean food for real”, and it is also what I do and what I want to share with you.
When joining BIOPHAP, I work with and within the nature and get to learn a lot of interesting things everyday in organic farming. Moreover, I have chance to have young, passionate colleagues who share my love for nature.”

Bill Duc Nguyen

“I love my job at BIOPHAP because of my passion for agriculture and the possibility of being with the nature. Working here brings me to a lot of exciting knowledge about farming, it is not only about growing plants on our farms for living but also a real connection with the nature.”

Stephanie Cong

“After a trip in Vietnam, I chose to study Agro-development because I’m willing to do a meaningful job and help people having better living conditions. I grew up in France, where there are more and more jobs serving the mass economy and I’m really not interested in this.
I joined BIOPHAP because its project, mission and vision are interesting and sustainable. You may know that BIOPHAP is willing to respect the environment by producing organic products. And the company is also focus on the humans’ self-development through a project with Bahnar families and later, a training program for its staff. BIOPHAP can afford this thanks to the economic niche of the organic market in Vietnam.”