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🌺Welcoming the new harvest season with the most awaited flower of the year: Organic Hibiscus
🌺It’s that time again, hibiscus from Biophap’s farms has bloomed with red purple flowers and we pulled together to harvest.
🌺Do you know? Hibiscus roselle or red artichoke (Hibiscus roselle) which is considered a natural medicine, originated in West Africa, then was brought to tropical regions around the world to grow as vegetables and medicine, introduced to Vietnam. French colonial period. An extremely popular medicinal herb around the world. Hibiscus has many different names, Latin Americans call it jamaica, karkady in the Middle East, bissap in West Africa, red sorrel in the Caribbean, the Chinese call it the flower of the spirit, the Vietnamese call it. hibiscus, for its flowers resemble hibiscus flowers, but have a sour taste like vinegar. (1)
🌺Uses of hibiscus:
❣️Weight loss, prevention and treatment of obesity
❣️Strengthen the immune system, prevent disease
❣️Reduces the absorption of alcohol into the blood
❣️Strengthen liver function, protect liver
❣️Lower blood pressure
❣️Lower cholesterol
❣️Cough treatment, sore throat
❣️Good for digestive function
❣️Diuretic, bile
❣️Laxative, treatment of constipation, prevention of hemorrhoids
🌺This season, we harvest a lot, so the price is very affordable:
– Hibiscus with seeds: 25.000đ/kg
– Hibiscus without seeds: 50.000đ/kg
If you want to make jam, make tea and maybe make a batch of pickled wine to welcome Tet, hurry up and order here!!!
☎Hotline: 09 81 56 14 35

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