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🍀At Biophap, almost all of us are in good health. It’s not that we spend a lot of time doing Gym or Yoga, but simply spending 8 hours gardening every day.
🍀The pace of life and work on the farm requires us have to get up early to be able to prepare everything before going to the farm at 7am or 7:30am. That means we have to get up at around 5am to clean themselves, cooking, eat breakfast and prepare work tools before 6:30am. The next 30 minutes are for meeting and implementing work. Our farming work revolves around physical exercise and outdoor work. In addition, working in the highlands, the land is from 5ha to 14ha, the terrain is sloping, so we often have to walk to move to the working positions. Therefore, the body also gradually adapts to the nature of work and the terrain and climate conditions here, becoming stronger and more resilient. Walking between locations can replace regular morning exercise. The fresh air in the mountains away from the smog of industrial parks and residential areas also helps people have a healthy lung. Food sources are provided locally from organic farming to help us eat clean and healthy vegetables and fruits. Harvest time is also the most joyful time. We stood up and stretched, admiring the sky, the colors, the light, the surrounding green fence, protecting the farm. When sitting on the ground, it is a feeling of happiness, peace and special.
There is a term in Japan called Shinrin-yoku, a term originally created by the Japanese Ministry of Agriculture in the 1990s to describe the practice and healing of illness through immersion in nature, or “Forest bathing”. And the benefits of being Shinrin-yoku come from a scientific background. Shinrin – yoku has been shown to reduce levels of Cortisol (the stress hormone), as well as regulate heart rate and blood pressure. In addition, plants release compounds called phytoncides, which increase and stimulate the activity of white blood cells called “natural killer cells”. These cells help fight infection, and are important for a healthy immune system. All of the above reasons help everyone at Biophap have a healthy body and a refreshing mind.
If you want to experience the feeling of both farming and exercising, come to work at Biophap. If you have a slightly “oversized” body, and have tried many ways to lose weight but it doesn’t work, you can apply for a trial at Biophap, you will definitely have a slim body as your dream.
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