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🌿Career is like a life partner, if you are lucky enough to find a career to stick with for the rest of your life, you will be really happy. To identify yourself with a career for the rest of life, it is not enough to have a professional career or a high income, but it must also bring you a feeling of happiness when working. Only then, you can strong attachment with it for a long time, as well as love it.
🌿Doing organic farming satisfies the belief and desire to be nurtured naturally by organic farmers like us. This job, although relatively strenuous, because it has to work in outdoor conditions, can be very strenuous during the summer months, or the rainy season. But in return, we do not use chemicals, focus on nourishing the soil, planting many trees, many species, many layers of canopy. The farm where we work becomes a diverse ecosystem, with room for other creatures to live together. When going back to nature, spiritual life is guaranteed, health is also better from there. In addition to professional development, we also develop other important soft skills: connection, communication, work management, emotion control, critical thinking,… Development This development is a process of gradual maturation of the whole body, mind, and mind, and the mind is perhaps the part that changes the most, is the most focused. There is a saying: “Find a job you love and you will never have to take a day off in your life”. For us, this is the job. Must work hard, every day, bit by bit and know that everything needs to be according to nature, not according to your own will. Immersing yourself in nature, seeing the lovely plants that you sow, care for and nurture growing up day by day are experiences that bring great happiness.
🌿Despite choosing a job we love, when we study every day, practice has difficulties, causing us to tend to lack appreciation for what we have and this can affect our mood of working. To overcome and reach the goal, one of the ways we motivate ourselve when we’re tired or bored is to think about what the work we are doing means to others, to the community, in addition to bringing money for ourselve or not. Find more perspectives and positive perspectives on the work you are doing by asking others what they think about the position, job, and opportunities you have. Who knows, after listening, you will feel more appreciative of what you have in hand and feel less depressed and focused to achieve the goal. We often see the grass outside the fence greener and peer lustfully. But instead of stomping on the spot in frustration, grab a bucket of water to water the grass under your feet and worm it. If it still doesn’t improve, then it’s not too late to cross the fence to the other side of the lawn. And the most positive point, a guideline that makes us the most stable is that the work we are doing comes from creating daily value to ensure the health of the society, nutritious meals for our customers and the well-being of our customers. Satisfaction of the organic product-loving community. And no matter where we go, we are still confident with your choice.
🌿Happiness in our work will not be the same, but time waits for no one. There will not be a perfect job to go to work every day with a lot of fun. So, if you are not feeling happy with the work you do, it may be because you have not chosen a job you love, or the working environment is not suitable, or because the problem is us. To achieve job satisfaction, it is necessary to have meaningful experiences and achievements, although the path to achieving them is not always fun, but let’s just look at the job you are doing with a different perspective more positivity so that we don’t have to worry about the job we have chosen.

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