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[Sharing thoughts of our farm manager – Tien Huong at Kon Plong farm, Kontum province.]
If you asked about the two best things we can do, so they are: Choose to practice #organic_agriculture and #non_toxic_living.
If Organic Agriculture is the philosophy and the direction we pursue for our farming career, so living green is the way we choose to be kind to ourselves and the environment in which we live.
When we care about the soil, microorganisms and water, plants, all of our living and working activities are naturally adjusted to become the best solution for the environment. Our #non_toxic_living comes from the concerns of a farmer.
For example, a water source :
👉Water is one of the most important elements for organic plants
👉If there is not enough water for the plant, the necessary nutrients will not be able to move through the plant.
👉A plant can’t grow if it doesn’t have healthy roots, so proper water balance is key when growing a tree.
Therefore, its not only for organic agriculture but also our living at farm . We are also aware that we should not pollute the water here first. The simplest is daily wastewater. Because wastewater seeps into the ground, over a long period of time it will accumulate in groundwater. This water will be used to water the plants. Therefore, if wastewater contains toxic chemicals, plants will absorb and accumulate in roots, stems, leaves, flowers and fruits
We started to form the habit of Refusing to use chemicals like dishwashing liquid, laundry soap, bath soap and instead we used Soap nut to make a natural cleaner. Soap nut is used for bathing, washing, making medicine, washing dishes, washing, cleaning the house.
Thanks to the use of Soapnut, we also save a lot of living costs, waste is also reduced a lot. Moreover, when discharging them into the environment, the water from soot is also biodegradable, not chemical residues in the ground, not polluting water sources. This is the biggest advantage of Soapnut. So our farming work also feels more secure. If you have a garden with a lot of fruit trees, you should also take care of your domestic wastewater. Because if you use chemicals, more or less will also affect the quality of your crops.
Currently, our #non_toxic_living at Mang Canh farm is going very smoothly. We apply the rules to our daily life and enjoy the happiness of Protecting the environment. Although it is a small action, we hope it is the foundation for a great influence on the community around us. There are also people who have different attitudes about our lifestyle. But what really matters is not what other people think, but how we feel about what we do. And if they eat the fruits and vegetables we grow, they will think differently and understand why we do it. Isn’t that right?

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