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There is a very common misconception that “Creativity is the skill of designers and artists” or generally those who are working in the “creative field”.
But actually, creativity is in everyone, in all jobs, because it is an important skill that helps us solve everyday problems more effectively anđ enjoy what we are doing. As Ngo Xuan Manh – manager of Ia Khuol farm, is a person who is constantly searching for creativity to make his farming new and less strenuous.
For the irrigation of plants, we use a drip irrigation system (usually a pipe with a diameter of 16mm), this method helps to evenly distribute the amount of water and fertilizer at the same time, at the right root, with sufficient dosage; not too much to causes flooding the tree; not too little to makes the tree not grow.
However, a smart irrigation system is not without its disadvantages. After each inspection, we found that there was a waste of water after the system stopped supplying water to the plants. The consequence is that the stoppage of the irrigation system has not yet interfered with the appropriate water source.
So we “brainstorming” to find a solution. Everyone has an idea for finding a solution, some people fold the pipe, tighten it tightly with zinc wire, flexible rubber band, someone calculates the time, someone takes care of disconnecting the pipe. But everything is still not really effective because zinc or wire is not really sure, then it takes time to check again. At this moment, the only person who still did not speak was Manh, he thought for a while and then quietly went out to cut a piece of 27mm diameter water pipe that acts as a plug, then folded the 16mm pipe into 32mm and handed it over. this plug in, and of course the plumbing is tightened without much effort. Then we gasped in surprise: “How did he come up with this optimal solution”.
Just finished the sentence, his face looked up to the sky, gently stroked his hair: “It’s all because of wisdom, creativity, each neuron working with enthusiasm just popped up. I feel impressed. too. “
When we heard that, we could not keep from laughing. Even our French experts are impressed and spread the story office that Manh is very creative.
This story is one of many stories about Manh’s creative exploration. We feel that every job that comes to Manh has something new and breakthrough, which makes it more effective. For Manh, creativity is daring to think differently and dare to think differently to bring back more useful and valuable things. That’s why every day Manh finds a lot of joy in his work and excitement when doing at farm. We also look at it and admire, and strive.
Indeed, creativity will help you love your current job, approach work more dynamic and enthusiastic. Encourage personal development by improving skills by improving the ability to solve problems, the more you perfect your skills at work, the easier it is for you to advance in your career. Right?
We will tell more about Manh’s creative story, please stay tuned.
We introduce to you, here is Manh – Ia Khuol’s farm manager.
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