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After months of waiting, our carrots have grown.
🥕Carrot is always a food on Biophap’s Best Seller list, so customers often have stricter requirements for other products that are not only delicious but also beautiful. That’s too bad for our farmers. Carrots are on the ground, so you have to pull them up to know which ones are big and which are small. But once it is uprooted, it cannot be replanted. We sow seeds in a batch, then adjust the growth time to harvest, so that we can pick the most delicious and sweetest tubers, so no matter how small or big, the deliciousness and sweetness are the same. And me, each carrot tree is an independent individual, so they will produce tubers of different sizes, not hundreds of the same size. We humans are the same, some people are thin and some are fat, some are tall and some are short, each person is beautiful, but according to an excellent beauty standard, organic carrots are a bit disadvantaged. Fortunately, this time the carrots are all big, so the whole family doesn’t have to worry.
🥕Carrots are rich in antioxidants, fiber, beta carotene, vitamins and minerals that can help you improve vision, promote skin and hair health and reduce the risk of certain diseases, literally. healthy, beautiful on the outside” always. However, be careful not to eat or drink too many carrots to avoid yellowing of the skin.
What are you waiting for, just order it!
🏠Store: 140 (new number) Thi Sach, Thang Loi ward, Kon Tum city.
🌐Website: https://www.biophap.com/vi/san-pham
☎️Contact the sales team: 09 81 56 14 35 or inbox biophap page for information about delivery service.
💲Retail price: 55,000 VND/kg
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