How's your family's health in new year?

How’s your family’s health in new year?

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Surely the best wishes in the new year that you receive the most is health. Experiencing the struggle with the epidemic, we can see that nothing is more precious than health, right?. Only with good health can we go on long journeys, do more interesting and interesting things, and take care of ourselves and those we love. Therefore, no matter what you do, your priority should still be to proactively protect my health, everyone.
The day before Tet, a client informed Biophap that she was infected with Covid, even though she had the 3rd injection and wore a full mask, she still couldn’t avoid being infected. She was still take the test and went home to use Biophap’s herbal steam bath to steam the respiratory system regularly for 7 days and clean her body. Drink plenty of warm water every day, clean your throat with physiological saline. The result is now negative and back to work as usual.
Biophap is very happy because in the multitude of health protection products during the epidemic season, customers still choose and trust Biophap. With our organic herbal steam bath available in your house, all worries are halved, disease resistance is increased. Being a little proactive is knowing how to love yourself and your family members.
We are still healthy in the new year, are you and your family well?
🏠Store: 140 (new number) Thi Sach, Thang Loi ward, Kon Tum city.
☎️Contact the sales team: 09 81 56 14 35 or inbox biophap page for information about delivery service.
💲Retail price: 80,000 VND/box
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