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🍃Before answering this question, we would like to ask you: What is your inner peace? Is it a moment of silence and being close to nature instead of a busy life like now? We see everyone longing for that life. There are also people who wish to have a life like us. Leaving the city to return to the countryside to “raise fish and grow more vegetables”, to enjoy a life close to relatives, to be in harmony with nature and away from the dust in the city is the desire and choice of many young people. Especially, in the past time, when all fields of activity were affected by the Covid-19 pandemic, some young people have lost their current jobs.
🍃In our opinion, choosing a peaceful life on the farm does not come from temporary thoughts, nor is it the trend of those who are afraid of pressure. Because when you choose gardening, you have to learn to love living in the garden, making every day there meaningful. Otherwise, you will be lost, self-deprecating with your own choices. Choosing a new lifestyle means you have to learn how to get used to it from the beginning, so it must be clearly defined. You don’t see the shimmering scenery of our farm but think of the countryside as relaxing, beautiful, and peaceful. To have a minute’s rest in the afternoon, or to take a good photo, the whole day has to be sweaty and messy with bread and butter. There is a time when we have to face the population explosion of insects, aphids that destroy leaves and trees that do not grow. Snakes, centipedes, scorpions, and geckos visit as if they were neighbors. Ants are as numerous as autumn leaves, occasionally falling on their heads. Bees make nests on trees, sometimes go to collect honey and then attack those who accidentally stand near the hive. And unpredictable climate change. Then there comes a time when you realize that farming will not be poetic, leisurely as well as mastering your time. We cannot always go to work as we want, we have to go to work all day when it rains because farming, residual work will be very difficult to handle. Have to do it according to time, seasonality, slow is broken. Plants depend on many factors to produce finished products, not just putting them in the ground.
🍃The peace of farmers like us only begins when we perfect our skills to make a living, overcome ourselves when difficulties arise, and create a lot of value for ourselves and those around us. When you return to nature and face the pressures of everything calmly, that’s when you find true peace for yourself. No matter which lifestyle we choose, we always need to work hard and gradually adapt to be able to design the life we ​​desire. Going back to the garden is very hard, but learn to cope with great hardships and challenges with the best mind. After overcoming yourself, you will have a peaceful life, a heart that doesn’t care about fame and gain, and live peacefully in an unattached space. Hope you find a peaceful place soon when you return to the garden. And if you don’t choose to go to the garden, please support the agricultural products we make.

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