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🍀There is a saying: “If you want to go fast, go alone; if you want to go far, go together”. No matter how good you are, you can’t do everything. Therefore, you need to have a skill that is Job assignment skill. This is an extremely important skill when we are on the same team. The skill of assigning tasks seems easy, but it is not. If you want to assign work, you must be a person who knows the expertise and knows how to look at the job, choose the right job for each of you in the team to work and work well together. And Ly – an organic farmer working at the Mang Canh farm, Kon Plong district, Kon Tum province, told us after 3 years that he has learned many things including Task assignment skills. She told us that this skill has helped her grow more in the process of working. And we want to bring her words to spread to future farmers. Let’s listen in.
🍀“Before, I wanted to do everything myself because no one was satisfied with what I did. There are days when I go to the fields from early morning until late at night when I go home. But then when the company runs more projects, 1 day do 9, 10 hours is not enough. Most importantly, everywhere I go, I see things that need to be done. Kind of a perfectionist’s obsession that I can do it with one hand, but then I become exhausted and stressed out because of the pressure I’ve created myself. Only now did I change my mind about handling work and start giving work to my team. Although I initially saw people doing it wrong and slowing down, it was very itchy, but thanks to that, I learned many lessons by assigning work to workers.
🍀Assignment skill is also a special skill, not everyone can think of a task for others to do. At first, I didn’t know how to assign work to anyone, so I took all the work on myself. Failure to do so will affect the overall productivity of the team, so it will also be reminded. Our farm manager says that: as soon as there is a job that needs to be done, the first question he has in mind is “who will do this task”. Therefore, each person knows his or her own work to do and accomplish the common goal.
🍀If you want to assign work, you must be observant, you must know how to arrange work according to each person’s ability and it is important to know how to do things from small to large so that the work you assign to others to do will know how long it will take to complete. how good. For example, if you give yourself a hand and never know how to graft, or if you give it to someone who is not skilful, it will easily fail, and if you give it to someone who is too slow, the yield will not be as expected. Then the difficulties that will be encountered in the process of working are also not familiar, how can we accept other people’s work. To develop more, I need a team, one task for each person. Although each person in the team has different personalities, inclinations, skills and experiences, their understanding is very different, leading to different ways of perceiving and performing work. But if it is necessary to properly arrange according to the advantages and disadvantages of each person, then everything will be more convenient when I handle all the work.
🍀Our farm (in Mang Canh, Kon Plong district, Kon Tum province) is like a small group with 4,5 people, with a farm manager looking after and taking care of each job on the farm, but definitely not the one who does everything. Each person’s time and energy fund is limited, if we spend too many different goals, either we are superhuman, or the efficiency will decrease. When a person is too busy, they lose the opportunity to see things as a whole, astutely assess what is going on in their work. Everyone is born with a mission, and everyone’s mission has changed my mind that I was born not to make everything perfect, but to make everything perfect together with everyone. A perfect garden is the contribution of each individual. The planner, the sower, the planter, the waterer, the fertiliser, etc., and a whole bunch of other jobs. It is extremely important to create a collective strength to direct ourselves towards the same goal and accomplish it. Many small tasks add up to a big plan. Many pieces of work done well contribute to a successful grand goal.
🍀There is a story I read somewhere, a captain put down his cockpit to serve passengers to improve service quality. He met this passenger to ask if he was sleeping well. He also went down to the kitchen to bring up a delicious hot meal for someone else. He again checked that all the compartments were clean. The story is fictional, but we can all imagine what will happen to the ship.
🍀I have understood my own limits, I am not a superman, let go of the pressure to not be exhausted but enjoy the work. In the near future, my farm will grow many flowers, anyone who has a passion for raising bees to get honey, don’t hesitate to come to us. I don’t mind assigning work anymore!!!”

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